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Sci-Fi Women Daily

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Bringing sci-fi women pictures to your friends page daily.

sf_women_daily is a daily picture and appreciation community for the strong female characters and actresses of the sci-fi genre.

1. Don't hotlink.

2. Feel free to post any icons, fanart, picspams, musicvids, discussions, etc. you've made, but if you're posting a picture larger than 500px wide please be sure to use a lj-cut or thumbnail.

3. When posting icons you may post up to 4 teasers with the rest under a cut or with a link to your journal entry. Teasers must be of sci-fi women.

4. Please do not post spoilers for episodes that have not yet aired. For two weeks after the original airdate, please do not post spoilers (headshots are fine) without a lj-cut and warning (Not all shows air at the same time in every country).

5. Don't hesitate to comment and talk to others as much as you like, but please be respectful of others.

6. Please try and tag your posts, but if you can't figure out how to tag it a mod can do it for you.

7. No fanfiction please, unless otherwise stated. (i.e. community comment challenge)

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If you'd like to affliate with us please comment here.

Mod note: There are many aspects of various shows that can be considered part sci-fi. For this community, shows and movies which are fantasy/paranormal will not be included.

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Profile and journal layout by milou_veronica.