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Welcome :)

Welcome to sf_women_daily, a daily picture and appreciation community for the strong female characters of the sci-fi genre. Feel free to post any sort of picspam, artwork, positive discussions (no character/show bashing), etc. Please no fanfiction.

Our rules and spoiler policy can be found on our profile.

I would like to thank everyone on my friends-list who helped me cap various shows. If a show wasn't capped by them or myself the photos came from the following sites.
Eureka: http://visiteureka.net/
Stargate SG-1 & Atlantis: http://gateworld.net
Stargate Universe: krissiecaps
Battlestar Galactica: http://frak-that.com
Caprica: krissiecaps
V: http://www.v-fans.net/
Sanctuary: http://sanctuary-caps.com/
Warehouse 13: http://www.forgotten-secrets.com/
Star Wars: darciana
The X-Files: http://www.xfilesarchive.com/
Babylon 5: http://cap-that.com/
Space 1999: http://www.space1999.net
Star Trek: http://www.trekcore.com/
Andromeda: www.andromeda-web.com
UFO: http://ufoseries.com

If you would like to affiliate, please leave a comment here.
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