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Miss. Bad Ass

Second Annual Sci-Fi Women Comment-a-Thon

Welcome to sf_women_daily's second annual 'Sci-Fi Women Comment-a-Thon,' a multi-"sci-fi"-fandom Comment-a-Thon celebrating strong female characters expressed through any kind of fanwork (fic, art, icons, video, etc).

1. Post prompts (1 per comment). Any sci-fi fandom is welcome as long as the prompt's focus is on a female character. Ships are welcome as long as they're not the main focus of your prompt/creative work and/or you still focus on a female character. Your comments should include the following: Type of fanwork, fandom, character(s), prompt, and whether fanart is sharable.

2. Answer someone's prompt. Please put the title (if it has one), rating and any warnings in the subject line of the comment. More than one person can answer the same prompt, but if you see an unanswered one that you can fill please try to fill it.

3. Have fun!

-There is no time limit. If you come back later and find a prompt that inspires you feel free to fill it.
-You are not required to fill a prompt to leave one, but please try if you are able.
-This community focuses on the genre science fiction, not fantasy. Please keep that in mind when prompting fandoms.

Links to pimping banners can be found here.
Any questions? Ask here.
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